5 Things to Know About Writing

Hi guys! Today’s post is Five Things to Know About Writing. I am currently trying to write a book and so I have decided to tell you some things to know about writing in general. These five tips could be helpful to any writer whether you write short stories or like me are trying to write a book.

  1. It is way more time consuming than you think. This is coming from someone who is trying to write a novel. However, even writing a blog is time consuming. I have discovered that to write,  you must set aside time. Even writing short stories can take a while. So as a tip from someone who has been there and done that, I will say that it is very time consuming.
  2. Reading is key. A friend’s parent who does screenwriting told me that reading is one of the things that shows in your writing. I have also heard this from my English teacher about a million and one times. The more you read, the better your writing becomes. And it doesn’t count to just read a series. Yes they are nice every once in a while, but you want to read the work of different authors to see different styles, which will help.
  3. A thesaurus is your best friend. I will tell you, never repeat the same words or phrase. A sentence later, a paragraph later, 3 chapters later, don’t do it. I promise you a thesaurus will help you. You don’t even have to own one, just go onto a free website like thesaurus.com that allows you to type in the word that you want a synonym for and then it give you suggestions on the words that you should use.
  4. Proofreading is like cleaning, no one likes to do it but we all have to. I personally don’t enjoy having to sit down and read through my work, but when I do, I often end up finding things that I thought Microsoft Word picked up but didn’t. Something I have learned is that Microsoft Word only picks up spelling errors rather than sentence structure and grammar. This way, even if you have run it through Microsoft Word and such, you should still read it and then give it to a close friend to read.
  5. Be proud of your writing and don’t second-guess it. The last thing and most likely the most helpful would be to be proud of your writing. My classmates have read my writing and then I have taken bits out and they go “why would you take that part out? I liked that part” and I end up going home that day and rereading the bit I took out. Then I sit there and go “man maybe I shouldn’t have taken out that part out.”

I hope that this post helps, and remember to always keep writing. Love Kess ❤


2 thoughts on “5 Things to Know About Writing

  1. Sido says:

    Omg Kessley I love your blogs! They are always really well written and I love to read them. Great job and keep it up! 😊 This is Sido from school btw, who u get the train with x

    Liked by 1 person

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