The 7 Shows You Need to Binge Right Now

Hi guys! It’s been so long hasn’t it? I took a little (big) break from blogging in the summer but now that I’m back, I’m back in full speed! First things first, my blogging days have changed! I will now be blogging on Mondays and Fridays, as it’s just easier for me due to my schedule.

So for those of you who don’t know, Netflix is my best friend (besides my Mom, you know I love you right). And I don’t know about you, but I was binge watching all summer. I love the excitement of binge watching, watching half a season in one night, and here are my favourite shows to binge watch! I hope you like them!

  1. Pretty Little Liars: Those of you who know me personally know that I am obsessed with PLL. I have seen every minute of every episode of every season, I wont spoil it for you, so you have to go and watch it for yourself! But one note: DO NOT WATCH PLL AT NIGHT- you will not sleep for the rest of the night, especially seasons 3 and 4.
  2. Revenge: If I’m honest, I’m watching it right now, as I’m writing this article. If you like Pretty Little Liars then you’ll definitely like this one. Like PLL, the plot is constantly changing and going in ways you wouldn’t expect it to. It’s really easy to get hooked on it.
  3. The Vampire Diaries- If I’m honest, I’ve only seen like 4 episodes of the Vampire Diaries, in the middle of a random season (I don’t even remember which one), but I can assure you it’s really good! I even went back to watch it all from season one and it’s so intriguing!
  4. The Originals- I wasn’t planning to include any spinoffs, but still it’s probably my favourite spinoff. Episode after episode, I can tell myself that I’m not going to watch anymore for the night and then I could just keep going because I always want to know what happens next. Besides Revenge, it is probably my favourite one on the list.
  5. Once Upon a Time- I have seen all of Once Upon A Time, and I think its good, just not as good as some of the other shows on my list. The show is kind of like every other show/movie that you would watch that includes fairy tale characters. But around season 4/5 the whole thing turns dark and it all goes south. I love it because it is all of these same characters with a modern twist, but you should watch it from the beginning first.
  6. Charmed: I know this is a very old show, it started in 1998. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting. If you liked Once Upon a Time, the Originals or Pretty Little Liars then you will love this. It is still in the theme of magic, but the magic keeps you watching episode, after episode, after episode.
  7. Reign- I’m not usually one for historically based dramas- I like history but I just can’t deal with trying to figure out what is real and what is made up. That said, I still love Reign. Like all of the other shows on my list, it keeps you hooked but you may have to Google a few things, more so if you don’t already know the story of Mary Queen of Scots.


Rules of Binge Watching:

For those of you who don’t know, there are a few rules to binge watching:

  1. Always keep a charger by your bed
  2. Always wear socks- that way when you have to go to pee, the floor isn’t too cold
  3. Always keep non perishable food and water nearby,
  5. Take it one night at a time, otherwise you end up sleep deprived.
  6. And last but not least, take naps after you binge watch all night- or else you’ll look like a zombie.




6 thoughts on “The 7 Shows You Need to Binge Right Now

  1. Andre says:

    Yay, your back! I understand you took a break and that’s fine with me. May I please ask a few questions :
    What do you mean by binge?
    Why did you wanted to create your blog?
    Where did you get tote inspiration from?
    (unless you didn’t get any)
    And lastly, What’s your favourite music catogary : For Example : Pop/Hip hop/House/dustep/trap/drumstep/etc.
    Thank you.

    This is Andre by the way.


    • kessleynicole says:

      By binge watch I mean to watch as many episodes or seasons of a show as you can in one go. It’s quite fun actually. I will answer your other questions in my upcoming post. Thanks for reading and commenting Andre! See you on Friday


  2. Andre. says:

    Hi. This is Andre again. I got questions which I would like to ask

    1 : What’s your favourite sport?

    2 : What age were you when you moved into the UK?

    3 : Which do you think is better and why : Wix or WordPress.

    4 : What’s your favourite lesson at school?

    5 : What’s your favourite song?

    6 : Who’s your favourite singer/rapper?

    7 : Do you like school?

    8 : What phone do you have?

    9 : What’s your favourite chocolate?

    10 : What’s your favourite sweets?

    11. : If you still lived in America, what garde would you be in now?

    12 : What is your target audience for your blog? Eg/Teenagers/Everyone/younger children/etc.

    13 : What would be your first law if you was president of the U.S. or prime minister of the U.K. and why?

    Liked by 1 person

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