My Bedroom Tour!

Hi guys! Today I decided to let you all in a bit on my lifestyle and show you my bedroom! Honestly I’ve been working on this room for a long time, trying and failing at different colour schemes and duvets, but now I think I’ve found the perfect combination. For me, your bedroom should serve three main purposes, to be an oasis to unwind and relax in, my own space and still be somewhere where I can focus and get work done.

blog bedroom tour 3

First of all welcome to my bedroom! This is the view from the door and you can see my desk and my window, and to the left we have my shelves., which I’ll go into later. blog bedroom tour 4

So here we have my shelves which are organized (or at least I like to think they are) based on what’s actually on them. In the middle shelves we have my hair shelf, with all of the products that my mom and I use in our hair and then under that shelf we have what I like to call control centre. In the little brown bin, I have things that I like to take with me on the go, for example my keys and my oyster card. On the shelf directly below that one, we have my actually bookshelf, where I keep my favorite books and anything that I might need for school.

Now we have my wardrobe, which I will not open for you all as the inside is a complete mess, and I mean complete mess which I need to blog bedroom tour 1declutter. But this is my wardrobe and on the inside is has some lovely built in shelves similar to those next to it and a rod where my clothes are all hanging up.

Here we have my desk, which is actually an old school desk from my brother’s primary school. It has two lift up flaps, and on top it has my laptop, my journal and some other journals (for an upcoming post) and my fan, which is really handy  as it plugs into the computer, so I can use it as I’m working on posts like this for you all!

blog bedroom tour 6

After this we have my chair, which looks so much more expensive than it actually was because we bought it from Tk Maxx and so it was like 80% off.My mom also managed to find this gorgeous gold ottoman to go with it, and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my
room. blog bedroom tour 5 Over in this corner we also have my fireplace (which does not actually work) and mantle, which houses a lot of pictures and small gifts from the travels of some of my best friends.

Finally we have my bed which has some handy drawers that have the rest of my clothes. Then I have this lovely duvet on the bed which matches perfectly with my chair and ottoman. There’s also a massive Beyoncé poster on the wall courtesy of two of my best friends. And hanging above my bed there are some dance photos from competitions that we’ve done.

blog bedroom tour 8

I hope you enjoyed touring my room! I love it and I can tell you that it was 80% inspired by Pinterest so check out my board room decor .I hope you liked this post!

Love ya!



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