The Business of Ballet Pt. 1

Hey! I am so excited to share this piece with you! I recently decided to enter the annual Vogue Talent Contest 2017. While I am not a finalist, I have finally decided to share one of my pieces with you. I interviewed the very inspirational Claudine Payne, owner of Studio 74 (The dance school I attend). The finished interview is a bit lengthy, so I decided to split it into part one and two. I hope you like and if you do-like this post and comment down below!


The Business of Ballet

From the minute I stepped into Studio 74 Dance School in September 2014, I knew it was a special place and I was lucky enough to sit down with its captivating owner.

Claudine Michelle Payne grew up with her mom, dad and brothers near Milton Keynes with the passion of dancing. Later, she turned that passion into a successful business, giving thousands of children in the local area of Bromley the chance to shine with Studio 74 Dance School discovering and nurturing talents.

I started by asking her what she would do with all the extra time if she did not have to sleep at night. “I would probably do more exercise, more Pilates and yoga. I would probably spend more time with my children.”

I went on to ask her about any lessons she’s had to learn the so called “hard way”.

“Yeah, everything really” she laughed before continuing on, “everything you learn by making mistakes”. “Everything is hands on. It wasn’t something that I had already had experience in. So we have to kind of learn as we go.” In other words, starting a business is like growing up, the older, the wiser.

Henceforth, I asked a little more about her background. As you would expect, Payne had studied dance at a Kent school and absolutely fell in love with it. She recounted some of the many dance trips that she went on throughout the UK and Europe, all at about my age of fourteen.

She then went on to study at the Laban Centre in New Cross, London where she discovered that while she did not want to be a performer herself, she wanted to train little ones. Teaching little children dance was not the only career path that Payne considered however, she also worked as a nanny and considered opening up a nursery.

-I hope you enjoyed part one! Let me know what you think!-

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