What’s on My Phone// Fav Apps

Hey babes! Today I’ve decided to show you all what’s on my phone and a few of my favorite apps. Comment down below your favorite apps! Hope you like!


So here are all my apps! On the first page, I have the same typical built in Apple iPhone apps that everyone else has, and then on the second and third pages I have my own apps. I know there are a lot of them, and that’s partly because my phone is basically my assistant, so I’ve picked my top 9 favorite apps for you.


  1. Pinterest-For the first four I have all my favorite social media apps! Pinterest is where I get a lot of inspiration and ideas for this blog on, and for fashion, makeup or anything else.
  2. Snapchat-For me snapchat is very private, I like to keep that to my close friends and family only, but I love it, especially the filters!
  3. Instagram-Instagram is another favorite because it is one of the best ways to keep in touch with old friends, sharing snippets of our lives! Follow here!
  4. Twitter- My favorite social media app has to be twitter. I was only recently allowed to get a twitter account and for someone who is so very opinionated, it is perfect. It’s also a great place for me to keep up with the news and pop culture.
  5. Candy Crush- Candy Crush is very self-explanatory, but I will say that if I’m always trying to beat a new level because it is so addictive. Level 161 and still going strong!
  6. Snapseed-For those of you who haven’t heard of Snapseed, it’s a photo editing app by google and it’s amazing. I use it to fine tune all of the photos that you see on my social media and blog and I totally recommend it.
  7. Amazon Alexa- If you’ve seen my Snapchat spams, then you know that we recently got an Amazon Echo Dot. This thing is amazing in how much she can do, and this app goes along with it. It is always recommending things for me to do with Alexa (the Amazon version of Siri), and as we’re still figuring out how to use the Echo Dot, the app shows us useful tips and tricks for it.
  8. Fitbit- So honestly I don’t have a Fitbit yet, but this app is still pragmatic! It still manages my steps and my water intake, and tells me how I can be healthier, and suggests fun challenges for me to take part in.
  9. Crowdfire-As a blogger, this app is practically my best friend. Every day I get some stats on my social media and then some suggested articles to share on them to boost my social media presence and blog views. It’s perfect for me personally because I don’t really know how to market so this app basically does it for me.

Come on guys! What are your favorite apps? Comment down below!
Love ya!




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