Hi! I’m Kessley and I’m so glad you’ve stumbled along to my teen lifestyle and fashion blog, kessleynicole!

blog about me

Here ^^ I’m a bit more dolled up than usual. A little mascara here, a little concealer there.  Normally I don’t wear that much makeup (despite being a beauty fashion and teen lifestyle blogger-lol) but I threw some on just for the pictures. And I’m probably laughing at something my mom said, because she is hilariously sarcastic so I guess that’s where I get it from.

I love fashion and shopping and I’m a complete foodie. But only on  the right day. Right now, I’m probably dreaming of a ham and pineapple pizza from Dominos or maybe even (if I’m extra hungry) a chicken burger (with no gherkin) from GBK. blog about me 2.PNG

I love dancing, blogging, snapchat, Beyoncé, sarcasm, teen Vogue, my fam, online shopping, Starbucks and raspberry sorbet but not always in that order.

So come along for the ride! There’s more of my favorite things and some teen lifestyle, beauty tips and a lot of outfits for you to read and love. Hope you enjoy! Follow me on all social media platforms!




Love ya!



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