My Motivational Playlist

Hi all!  I know I recently did my playlist, and so this playlist is slightly different. These songs are for when I need to move quicker or when I just want a little bounce in my step. I hope you like and if my favs are your favs, comment and share!

My Rainy Day/Motivational Playlist:

1. Sorry (LEMONADE) Beyoncé

2. Don’t Touch My Hair (A Seat At The Table) Solange

3. Grown Woman (BEYONCE) Beyoncé

4. Formation (LEMONADE) Beyoncé

5. Don’t Hurt Yourself (LEMONADE) Beyoncé

6. 6 Inch (LEMONADE) Beyoncé feat. The Weeknd

7. Needed Me (ANTI) Rihanna

8. Tears Dry On Their Own (Back to Black) Amy Winehouse

9. Crazy In Love (Dangerously In Love) Beyoncé

10. Rehab (Back to Black) Amy Winehouse

So at this point you’re probably wondering why all but 4 songs are by Beyoncé. I am obsessed with Beyoncé  and as to why? Well that’s because all her music is empowering, she always talks about putting yourself first which is a lesson that I’ve been learning. For me, Queen B holds the power to take my day and motivate me. She said once, “I was served lemons, but I made Lemonade” and that is one of the quotes that I live by.

I hope you like! Also, comment your fav song!


The 4 Reasons I Love Beyoncé 

  Before I start, I would just like to say that these are 4 out of like 1000
Hi guys! For those of you who know me well (and those of you who don’t) I am absolutely obsessed with Beyoncé! She is the ultimate role model. I was listening to a song of hers (Crazy In Love-Dangerously In Love) and then I thought-hey why not write a blog post about Beyoncé? And here we are! I hope you like 🙂 

1. She’s poised and proper

2. But still relatable 

3. She gives good advice 

4. She slays (drop the mic)

So finally! I hope you can go and listen to some Beyoncé now. What’s your favourite thing about Beyoncé? What’s your favourite song by Beyoncé? My favourite Beyoncé song is Formation (Lemonade 2016).  

Love ya!