The Business of Ballet Pt. 2

Hi all! Today I am sharing the second part of The Business of Ballet, a piece that I wrote for Vogue's Annual Talent Competition 2017. If you haven't read the first part- you should start here. I hope you enjoy!

The Business of Ballet (part 2) 

My following question was a bit more serious: “In your own words, describe feminism” she paused, contemplating her response.

Personally, there was one question on of my list that I needed to ask her. I asked her: ‘In what ways do you think that you and I are alike?’ A question I asked, not looking for compliments, but a raw answer.

“Ooh Kessley, I think it’s the inner Beyoncé” she joked at first, before her and I shared a brief chuckle about my very evident love of Beyoncé. “I think you’ve got a lot of drive, and I think that’s probably something that I had. I wanted to do well and was willing to work hard. So I think in that sense I don’t doubt that you will be hugely successful. While Payne has never taught me personally, I do look up to her as a successful business woman and entrepreneur

We finished with her definition of feminism.

“My idea of feminism is for women to have the choice to make decisions based on what is best for them without prejudice. I do not believe you should be judged for the choices you make – if you want to be a stay at home mum then that is great – good for you!  If you want to be a business woman – great!  If you want to be a scientist – great!!  Make your own choices and be confident in them – do not feel you have to justify your decisions.  Feminism should not be about undermining men – I have a son who I adore and think he is amazing!  I also have a daughter who I adore and believe she is amazing too.  Some women have a natural maternal instinct and some don’t!” she continued on. “If you want to cook and clean for your family and nurture them (in whatever way) why should you have to justify this.  If you would rather not then who are we to judge! Personally I enjoy both – I love looking after my kids and my home but I also love going to work and facing the different challenges each day.  Feminism is having the choice to be who you want to be – life is not always easy and often things don’t go the way we want but if you want something you have the power to make it happen! Take responsibility for your life and for what you want out of it – it’s your story and your journey so make it count.  I love being a woman and am proud to be a mother and to have my own business but I also love the men in my life (my son, my brothers, my nephews and my best friend) very much and respect them as I hope they respect me.”

As I concluded this interview Payne introduced me to a quote that I now love “A girl should be two things; Who and what she wants” Coco Chanel

-So, what did you think? I had a lot of fun working on this piece and I think that this piece came out great! I hope you liked! Let me know in the comments!

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The Business of Ballet Pt. 1

Hey! I am so excited to share this piece with you! I recently decided to enter the annual Vogue Talent Contest 2017. While I am not a finalist, I have finally decided to share one of my pieces with you. I interviewed the very inspirational Claudine Payne, owner of Studio 74 (The dance school I attend). The finished interview is a bit lengthy, so I decided to split it into part one and two. I hope you like and if you do-like this post and comment down below!


The Business of Ballet

From the minute I stepped into Studio 74 Dance School in September 2014, I knew it was a special place and I was lucky enough to sit down with its captivating owner.

Claudine Michelle Payne grew up with her mom, dad and brothers near Milton Keynes with the passion of dancing. Later, she turned that passion into a successful business, giving thousands of children in the local area of Bromley the chance to shine with Studio 74 Dance School discovering and nurturing talents.

I started by asking her what she would do with all the extra time if she did not have to sleep at night. “I would probably do more exercise, more Pilates and yoga. I would probably spend more time with my children.”

I went on to ask her about any lessons she’s had to learn the so called “hard way”.

“Yeah, everything really” she laughed before continuing on, “everything you learn by making mistakes”. “Everything is hands on. It wasn’t something that I had already had experience in. So we have to kind of learn as we go.” In other words, starting a business is like growing up, the older, the wiser.

Henceforth, I asked a little more about her background. As you would expect, Payne had studied dance at a Kent school and absolutely fell in love with it. She recounted some of the many dance trips that she went on throughout the UK and Europe, all at about my age of fourteen.

She then went on to study at the Laban Centre in New Cross, London where she discovered that while she did not want to be a performer herself, she wanted to train little ones. Teaching little children dance was not the only career path that Payne considered however, she also worked as a nanny and considered opening up a nursery.

-I hope you enjoyed part one! Let me know what you think!-

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What’s In My Dance Bag?

Hey! So for today’s blog post, I have come up with what’s in my Dance Bag. My dance bag is just a duffle bag from Adidas that I bought a few years ago. The outside of my bag is in good condition but the inside is a complete mess.

IMG_2554So the first things that I have in my bag are my tap shoes. I have tap every week. IMG_2555

The next thing in my dance bag is my charger. My phone always dies before I get to dance or is always running low on battery. Due to this, I have learned to make sure that I always have my charger on me. One thing that you cannot see due to the angle of the camera is that my initials are on my charger. This is just in case I accidentally leave it there or someone borrows it and don’t get it back.


The third item in my dance bag is my pair of kneepads. The ones pictured are from Capezio and even though I have never used kneepads before I did my summer show number Cats last year, I know that Capezio’s kneepads are great. Another pro to these kneepads is that after they get really dirty, I can just take out the padding and throw them in the wash.


After my kneepads, I also have my school blazer. Usually I put my dance clothes in my dance bag and then when I get to dance I will change and put my school clothes into my dance bag. My blazer usually doesn’t get taken out to get washed therefore it usually sits there until Sunday night when I need to put my stuff together for school.


The next thing that you will definitely find in my dance bag is my pair of ballet shoes. I have ballet every Thursday. Ballet to me falls above all of my other classes because ballet is the foundation of everything. To be honest, its my favourite too. I find that in ballet I work harder then some of my other classes. I think its because I really want to do pointe when I get older.


Eos is next. On my old site, you may have seen some of my Eos (es). The flavour that I keep in my dance bag is lemon. I just picked up whichever one I could find and then put it in my dance bag.


Next are my foot thongs. Do not be fooled by the name, they are simply dance shoes, but they are mesh with a piece of fabric where the balls of your feet are. They are great for turning, though I find myself using them in jazz, modern and my company class.



Next, I have a bow, a scrunchie and a hairband. These three never actually get used, but they are good to have with me. I never really have hair problems, but just in cause my hairband breaks or something they are good to have. Also, it is always nice to accessorize my hair with a bow every once in a while.


There is also a jumper in my bag. I use this jumper not so much in class as out of it. I like to be able to just slip something on to cover up my leotard. Also, I get cold all of the time. I am cold all day every day, therefore it is a necessity for me to have my jumper with me and it stays in my bag until the weekend when it is washed and then put back in my bag.


The last two things in my bag are a bag of cds and then a crushed muffin. The cds were for my exams. They have the music on them. As for the crushed muffin, well I probably purchased it from school as an after school snack and then threw it in my dance bag and forgot about it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked it and leave a comment down below.