My Skincare Routine

Hi all! Today’s blog post is my skincare routine. I have noticed that when I do actually follow through with it, my skin ends up feeling silky smooth and my skin looks much clearer than it is. I thought I would share and give you some inspiration.

So in the mornings when I wake up, after I brush my teeth and such, I wash my face with Cetaphil. Then I put on my Ambi Essentials Daily Moisturizer. After this, I will put my Hydration Lotion (its nothing special) on before I put on my clothes. During the day, if I feel that my hands are really dry or something then I will put a bit of lotion on, but otherwise, that is my skincare routine in the morning.

On freshly washed skin, I will put on some more of my hydrating lotion. After that, I will repeat the same routine that I did in the morning with my Cetaphil face wash and then my Ambi Essentials Daily Moisturizer. This locks in the moisture for the rest of the night so that even when I wake up in the morning, my skin is just as moisturized, as it was when I went to sleep.

Here are the products that I have used in this blog post:

  • Ambi Essentials Daily Moisturizer
  • Cetaphil Daily Face Wash

I am certain that you can find them all on Amazon. I hope you liked this blog post stay tuned for next weeks issue.