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Hi all! I am really excited to announce that I will be doing a Q&A in the upcoming weeks! But in order to do a Q&A, I need you, the readers to send in your questions! So feel free to send in your questions for me via Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (if you have me on snap) or just down below in the comments! The closing date will be Sunday, 13th of August. So send in your questions! 

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What’s on My Phone// Fav Apps

Hey babes! Today I’ve decided to show you all what’s on my phone and a few of my favorite apps. Comment down below your favorite apps! Hope you like!


So here are all my apps! On the first page, I have the same typical built in Apple iPhone apps that everyone else has, and then on the second and third pages I have my own apps. I know there are a lot of them, and that’s partly because my phone is basically my assistant, so I’ve picked my top 9 favorite apps for you.


  1. Pinterest-For the first four I have all my favorite social media apps! Pinterest is where I get a lot of inspiration and ideas for this blog on, and for fashion, makeup or anything else.
  2. Snapchat-For me snapchat is very private, I like to keep that to my close friends and family only, but I love it, especially the filters!
  3. Instagram-Instagram is another favorite because it is one of the best ways to keep in touch with old friends, sharing snippets of our lives! Follow here!
  4. Twitter- My favorite social media app has to be twitter. I was only recently allowed to get a twitter account and for someone who is so very opinionated, it is perfect. It’s also a great place for me to keep up with the news and pop culture.
  5. Candy Crush- Candy Crush is very self-explanatory, but I will say that if I’m always trying to beat a new level because it is so addictive. Level 161 and still going strong!
  6. Snapseed-For those of you who haven’t heard of Snapseed, it’s a photo editing app by google and it’s amazing. I use it to fine tune all of the photos that you see on my social media and blog and I totally recommend it.
  7. Amazon Alexa- If you’ve seen my Snapchat spams, then you know that we recently got an Amazon Echo Dot. This thing is amazing in how much she can do, and this app goes along with it. It is always recommending things for me to do with Alexa (the Amazon version of Siri), and as we’re still figuring out how to use the Echo Dot, the app shows us useful tips and tricks for it.
  8. Fitbit- So honestly I don’t have a Fitbit yet, but this app is still pragmatic! It still manages my steps and my water intake, and tells me how I can be healthier, and suggests fun challenges for me to take part in.
  9. Crowdfire-As a blogger, this app is practically my best friend. Every day I get some stats on my social media and then some suggested articles to share on them to boost my social media presence and blog views. It’s perfect for me personally because I don’t really know how to market so this app basically does it for me.

Come on guys! What are your favorite apps? Comment down below!
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Tk Maxx Haul!

Hi all! I know back to school is ages away, but my mom and I went to TK Maxx and I just decided to show you all what we got!

I love shopping in TK Maxx, because there is so much selection. A lot of pieces in my room are from TK Maxx, and you would never be able to tell. You can guarantee that when you shop at TK Maxx you are getting a unique piece and I really love that. So here’s what I got:blog tk maxx haul 2

So firstly I have  this gorgeous teal journal, with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite role models, Michelle Obama. “When they go low, we go high.” The journal is so pretty and the pages are really good quality for biros or ink pens.

blog tk maxx haul 4

Next I’ve got this really lovely magenta notebook. The text on this journal reads “SQUAD GOALS” in holographic lettering. I love the writing on this one because it is so current and so relatable. If there had been more than one in the store they would have made perfect gifts for the squad.

blog tk maxx haul 6

Now onto my favorite journal, we have this amazing grey journal with my favorite word- ‘slay’ written across the front. For me, I decided this was a Beyoncé reference, but we all know that’s just me. And because it says slay across the front, it’s my favorite one.

blog tk maxx haul 5

Next we have this color block journal, which I found to be really interesting, because it has two different colored flaps as the cover. I love the bright colors on the cover and I really like the flap design. It definitely makes the journal much different than all of the other ones that you often see. blog-tk-maxx-haul-7.jpg

On the other hand we have this more aesthetic notebook. I for one love the color lilac- it is just so pretty. And the holographic text is awesome. The text is really inspiring as well. I would say this is probably my second favorite journal.

blog tk maxx haul 10

Lastly, we have this pastel and gold striped journal! I quite like the  gold stripes on it, but the downside is that it’s wire bound. In my experience, what happens is the wires get damaged and then the pages start falling off of the book. The text is probably the most inspiring of all of the journals, and so would be nice to use for school-but I don’t think that will happen. blog tk maxx haul 11

 I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you next week!

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My Bedroom Tour!

Hi guys! Today I decided to let you all in a bit on my lifestyle and show you my bedroom! Honestly I’ve been working on this room for a long time, trying and failing at different colour schemes and duvets, but now I think I’ve found the perfect combination. For me, your bedroom should serve three main purposes, to be an oasis to unwind and relax in, my own space and still be somewhere where I can focus and get work done.

blog bedroom tour 3

First of all welcome to my bedroom! This is the view from the door and you can see my desk and my window, and to the left we have my shelves., which I’ll go into later. blog bedroom tour 4

So here we have my shelves which are organized (or at least I like to think they are) based on what’s actually on them. In the middle shelves we have my hair shelf, with all of the products that my mom and I use in our hair and then under that shelf we have what I like to call control centre. In the little brown bin, I have things that I like to take with me on the go, for example my keys and my oyster card. On the shelf directly below that one, we have my actually bookshelf, where I keep my favorite books and anything that I might need for school.

Now we have my wardrobe, which I will not open for you all as the inside is a complete mess, and I mean complete mess which I need to blog bedroom tour 1declutter. But this is my wardrobe and on the inside is has some lovely built in shelves similar to those next to it and a rod where my clothes are all hanging up.

Here we have my desk, which is actually an old school desk from my brother’s primary school. It has two lift up flaps, and on top it has my laptop, my journal and some other journals (for an upcoming post) and my fan, which is really handy  as it plugs into the computer, so I can use it as I’m working on posts like this for you all!

blog bedroom tour 6

After this we have my chair, which looks so much more expensive than it actually was because we bought it from Tk Maxx and so it was like 80% off.My mom also managed to find this gorgeous gold ottoman to go with it, and it’s one of my favorite pieces in my
room. blog bedroom tour 5 Over in this corner we also have my fireplace (which does not actually work) and mantle, which houses a lot of pictures and small gifts from the travels of some of my best friends.

Finally we have my bed which has some handy drawers that have the rest of my clothes. Then I have this lovely duvet on the bed which matches perfectly with my chair and ottoman. There’s also a massive Beyoncé poster on the wall courtesy of two of my best friends. And hanging above my bed there are some dance photos from competitions that we’ve done.

blog bedroom tour 8

I hope you enjoyed touring my room! I love it and I can tell you that it was 80% inspired by Pinterest so check out my board room decor .I hope you liked this post!

Love ya!


My Empties//Holy Grail Beauty Products

Hi all! What products did you use up? I mean all up-like theres none left in the container at all.  We all have our few holy grail products right? Here are my empties an holy grail beauty products. What are yours? Leave a comment down below!

  1. Sephora Collection: Instant Moisture and Cream (Face Lotion): Honestly I just love this product! It works perfectly for me and it feels so fresh. It’s perfect for the morning rush, and the evening cool down.Empties 2
  2. Sephora Collection: Total Purify and Cleanse Gel (Face Wash): Another Sephora product I’m obsessed with. It works perfectly with the
  3. Empties 5Instant Moisture and Cream and it cleanses really well-removing dirt and makeup bits I didn’t even know I’d missed. I really recommend this one.
  4. Vaseline: Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant (Cocoa Butter Lotion) : I love this product! It smells amazing and is so creamy. It is perfect for dry skin-and my skin is always dry so I defiantly recommend this one as well.
  5. Bath and Body Works: Aromatherapy: StrEmpties 3ess Relief (eucalyptus spearmint) (Aromatherapy Lotion) : For me, Bath and Body Works is really overpriced, but there are a few products from them that are worth all the fuss. Their stress relief collection is perfect for those of us who can’t seem to catch a break between school and other activities. And it really works! So after a long day at school (and a shower), I’ll throw some of this gold on and feel instantly so much more relaxed.

Hope you liked! Love ya!



To purchase my holy grail products:

Sephora Instant Moisture and Cream

The product that I use is not sold  anymore, but I recommend this product:  Sephora Cleansing and Exfoliating Cleansing Cream

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant

Bath And Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint Lotion


Travel Skincare Essentials 

When I say I love flying, I mean I love flying. It’s that exhilarating feeling you get when you are so far off the ground and I…. I could go on forever about my love of flying. One downside however of flying is the tool that it takes on our skin. We all have products to combat so, and here are the products that I cannot fly without.

-Ted Baker Hand Cream: Being that the atmosphere is so much different when flying it dries my skin out, so having a nice basic hand cream works brilliantly to keep my hands from going dry and preventing my skin from becoming dehydrated. 

-Vaseline: One of my all around favourite beauty/skincare products is Vaseline, so why wouldn’t I fly with it. Also the in-flight atmosphere not only dries out your skin but your lips as well so to keep them moisturised I use Vaseline.

-Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss (Primrose): This is another one of my favourite beauty products. I love the colour and I think it’s always good to look presentable and so this product is a must have.

-Bath and Body Works Pocketbac: Sweet Pea: For those of you who go to school with me, you know I carry one in my blazer pocket because everything is dirty in especially in public places. So hand san is essential for flying and going through and airport in which thousands of people go through every day. 

-Ted Baker Body Spray: Another product that I love is this Ted Baker body spray. It isn’t really a skincare necessity but it is one of my favourite products, and it smells great. 

Inflight skincare is so important, so make sure you take care of your skin on the ground and in the air! 

Ted Baker Hand Cream 

Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss
Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac– You cannot purchase individual “pocketbacs” on the Bath and Body Works website, if you’d like to then you must do so in store (Stores are exclusive to certain countries)
Ted Baker Body Spray
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