Kessley Nicole 2018 Relaunch: 6 Things That Make Me Instantly Happy

Trust me, I’m well aware that we all have bad days , where we feel like crap because we left one of our school books at home, or missed the train or maybe even spilled coffee on ourselves. But here are the five things that can instantly transform my mood from sad to happy!

  1. Memes: Come on guys, we all have that one meme that is just so relatable and so hilarious that even the thought of it makes you smile. And so trust me all it takes is one good meme for me to be crying of laughter. I love the roll safe meme. It works for pretty much everything and never fails to leave me in tears (of laughter). 
  2. Receiving a letter in the mail: Compared to memes, getting a letter in the mail seems like an extremely dated way to feel good! But I’m always hopeful that today will be the day I’ll get a piece of mail (not from the NHS) thats’ actually for me!That someone actually took the time to write you a letter and mail it to you. That is always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.
  3. Reaching my Fitbit goal: This is almost as good at beating someone in a step competition, but when I reach that Fitbit goal and it starts beeping, this feeling of achievement like washes over me. Mini victories like this can make me instantly proud of myself.
  4. Actually getting up on time: I am always running late- like seriously. In the morning, I’m generally barely making it out the house to be on time for school. So when I do get up on time and leave the house early, it feels amazing and is a great way to start the day.
  5. Pretty much anything to do with Beyoncé: If you haven’t noticed, I love Beyoncé. So anything to do with her is definitely something to make my day.

What makes you instantly happy? Be sure to share in the comments! Stay tuned for more relaunch content! See you soon!

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Kessley Nicole 2018 Relaunch: 7 Ways to Be More Organised

For me personally, I struggle with it (being organised), because it’s really tempting to scroll through Instagram for an hour or two, or go on Snapchat to “catch up” for 4 hours. Here are 7 ways to boost your organization!

Map out your month, week, day (or even year)

Making a visual “map” of your week may help to remind you of ongoing or upcoming tasks. Start by getting a weekly and a monthly calendar (I print a weekly planner off from Eliza Ellis and then I print a monthly calendar off from Emma Studies ) and writing in your activities in the calendar before moving onto some of the items on your to do list. It’s helpful to have both a weekly and a monthly calendar because a lot of the time the schedule changes from week to week and also because the boxes in the calendar aren’t always big enough. If you know you have a geography test on Thursday, write it in the calendar. If you know you have English coursework due on Wednesday, write it in the calendar. Also make sure to put your calendar in a place where you will see it often. I put mine up on the wall by my door just so I can be sure that passing it every day will be a reminder to study.

Start with a clean space

Starting with a clean space will make you feel more organized, trust me. I like to clean my desk at the beginning of the week, and clear it after I use it (that never happens though).


Actually use the calendar app on your phone!

I know this may seem trivial, but it may help. Your calendar app is so underrated! You can set reminders of what time to leave if you’re travelling somewhere, or you can set reminders timewise, as in you will get a reminder a certain amount of time prior to an event. I know I use mine to remind me when I have dance or a test, and it actually helps, especially for someone who is always on their phone.


Be accountable

Get someone to help you stick to your new plans! Maybe your parents could remind you to do your work or have to make sure that you have done it. Recently, I’ve started to give my mum my phone when I get home from school to make sure that I’m not on it. That way, if I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do, I have someone to answer to other than myself.

Find your motivation

If you want to be more organized you need to be more motivated. You have to want it and you need to want it bad. Make a motivation board or wall-mine is filled with pictures of Beyoncé, Yara Shahidi, Michelle Obama, and quotes. Trust me, it’s so much easier to be productive if you’re motivated.

Try an app!

There are so many apps out there to get you being productive and organized; from to do lists to time management apps. Here are three of my personal favorites:

Forest-Time management helper

Done-Habit tracker  

Glass Planner-Planner


Take it one day at a time

Take every day as it comes. Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got your whole life planned out and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. To be organized, take it slow. Be happy with what you have done so far so that you can move on.

I hope this post helps! Let me know your organization tips in the comments below!

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Kessley Nicole 2018 Relaunch: My Favourite Mascaras

my favorrite mascaras final photos 2

Before I start, I must say that I don’t often wear mascara, and that’s because my favorite rule when it comes to makeup is: whatever you put on, you must take off. So for me, it is not ideal for me to come home and be tired as hell but then remember “oh wait, I have to take my mascara off”. Nope.  Also, I find that I don’t have time in the mornings a lot, so I don’t generally wear it to school. But when I do, I have three favourites that I love. They all are different so what might work today may not work tomorrow. But I guess that’s the beauty of having a collection of makeup. Here are my three favourite mascaras! All products mentioned are linked down below.

The first one is by Arbonne Cosmetics. It’s their “It’s A Long Story Mascara”. This one is my favorite for daily wear. It comes off fairly easily and the application wand is great. Once applied, it gives subtle volume, meaning not enough that I would wear it for a night out, but enough that I can wear it to school and still feel confident that I don’t look overdone.

my favorrite mascaras final photos 6my favorite mascaras final photos 1my favorrite mascaras final photos 10

The next one is the Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara. It is definitely volumising! I tend not to use this one too often, because the formula is quite clumpy and fairly messy! But on a good day, it looks so good! It’s almost looks like I’m wearing falsies! On the other hand, I tend to use it more for dance because of the volume than for daily use.

my favorrite mascaras final photos 8my favorrite mascaras final photos 7my favorrite mascaras final photos 6

My last and probably absolute favourite is Tarte, Light Camera Splashes. Despite my current feelings about the brand and their lack of options for people of colour in their new Shape Tape Foundations, this mascara will always be one of my favourites! Last summer, I purchased a Tarte Wide Awake Set and loved the tester of the Lights Camera Lashes mascara. So on my next trip to Ulta, I was sure to pick one up, but in their waterproof one. It is perfect for everyday life and for going out and I love it! It lengthens and adds volume to the lashes and I love the packaging! On the other hand, it is on the pricier side, but to me, it was worth the splurge.

my favorrite mascaras final photos 5my favorrite mascaras final photos 3my favorrite mascaras final photos 4

What are your favourite mascaras? Keep checking for new posts!

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Products Mentioned:

Arbonne It’s A Long Story Mascara

Maybeline Colossal Volum’ Express

Tarte Wide Awake Eye Set

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes

Kessley Nicole Relaunch: 5 Ways to Help Your Grades Blossom

Hi all! What are your thoughts on the relaunch? Remember there will be posts every hour so stay tuned! And remember to let me know what you think on Twitter, Instagram or even just in the comments!

So for post #2, I’ll be discussing how to help your grades. Honestly there is no right or wrong way to do this, it is about what works for you. I’m not great at school and that’s because I fail to be organized and spend too much time on Instagram. But I found a few tricks to help me with these bad habits and as a result, I saw an improvement in my grades.

  • Block out your time periods: This may seem extra, but trust me when I tell you that it is one of the key ways to be organized. I use a timer (via my Amazon Echo Dot) to keep to the time periods. For example, when I get home from school- I know that I have the time that I got home from school until 4:45 to go on my phone, eat or do whatever else that I want to do. But at 4:45, I must give my phone to my mum (to keep me off it) and get on with my homework. That way, you will spend the necessary time on tasks and be able to move on.
  • Make studying a part of your daily routine: Even if it’s looking at key works on flash cards for 5 minutes before school, or spending 30 minutes going over equations after you finish homework, small amounts of studying will add up in the end and you will feel much more prepared for your exams.
  • Avoid Procrastination AT ALL COSTS: I hate going out with friends for dinner or something and having this nagging feeling at the back of my head saying: “don’t you have chemistry homework due on Monday?” or “have you even started revising for history?”. Procrastination is a big no-no. If you know you have a big project coming up, at least start it the night you get it.
  • Use a calendar: I think I have stressed this before, but seriously, get a calendar. There are too many places that you can print one off from to not have one. Print your calendar, fill it in and put it up on the wall. Don’t forget to add to it. It will help you massively to be able to see when your work is due and it will help you to budget your time so much better.
  • Try, try and try again: The effort makes all the difference. At this point, being “clever” doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are putting in as much effort as you can, then you should be doing well, no? Ask for help if you need it, because that’s what your teachers are there for-to teach you and answer your questions. If you’re not willing to give it all that you’ve got- then what’s the point?

Hope my five tips to improve your grades were helpful! Feel free to share your own tips down in the comments or on my social media!

Love ya!


Kessley Nicole 2018 Relaunch

Hiya! It’s been absolutely ages and I’m so excited to be back to blogging! I know I say this every time I post, but this time, I mean it! I am back and better than ever this time with 6 new posts for you! I repeat 6 NEW POSTS! There will be six new uploads over the course of this weekend!

To stay updated this weekend, follow me on Instagram here and on Twitter here!

So without further ado, I welcome you to the Kessley Nicole 2018 Relaunch! I hope you like it! Comment, like and share!

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What’s on My Phone// Fav Apps

Hey babes! Today I’ve decided to show you all what’s on my phone and a few of my favorite apps. Comment down below your favorite apps! Hope you like!


So here are all my apps! On the first page, I have the same typical built in Apple iPhone apps that everyone else has, and then on the second and third pages I have my own apps. I know there are a lot of them, and that’s partly because my phone is basically my assistant, so I’ve picked my top 9 favorite apps for you.


  1. Pinterest-For the first four I have all my favorite social media apps! Pinterest is where I get a lot of inspiration and ideas for this blog on, and for fashion, makeup or anything else.
  2. Snapchat-For me snapchat is very private, I like to keep that to my close friends and family only, but I love it, especially the filters!
  3. Instagram-Instagram is another favorite because it is one of the best ways to keep in touch with old friends, sharing snippets of our lives! Follow here!
  4. Twitter- My favorite social media app has to be twitter. I was only recently allowed to get a twitter account and for someone who is so very opinionated, it is perfect. It’s also a great place for me to keep up with the news and pop culture.
  5. Candy Crush- Candy Crush is very self-explanatory, but I will say that if I’m always trying to beat a new level because it is so addictive. Level 161 and still going strong!
  6. Snapseed-For those of you who haven’t heard of Snapseed, it’s a photo editing app by google and it’s amazing. I use it to fine tune all of the photos that you see on my social media and blog and I totally recommend it.
  7. Amazon Alexa- If you’ve seen my Snapchat spams, then you know that we recently got an Amazon Echo Dot. This thing is amazing in how much she can do, and this app goes along with it. It is always recommending things for me to do with Alexa (the Amazon version of Siri), and as we’re still figuring out how to use the Echo Dot, the app shows us useful tips and tricks for it.
  8. Fitbit- So honestly I don’t have a Fitbit yet, but this app is still pragmatic! It still manages my steps and my water intake, and tells me how I can be healthier, and suggests fun challenges for me to take part in.
  9. Crowdfire-As a blogger, this app is practically my best friend. Every day I get some stats on my social media and then some suggested articles to share on them to boost my social media presence and blog views. It’s perfect for me personally because I don’t really know how to market so this app basically does it for me.

Come on guys! What are your favorite apps? Comment down below!
Love ya!